Alex M. Sova – New Technology with Exergy Solutions

Alex M. Sova founded Exergy Solutions in 2012 with the goal of creating new renewable energy technology. Over the years, Exergy Solutions has opened a facility in Aspen, Colorado after starting near Sova’s hometown, in Southfield, Michigan. Sova has led several companies in his long corporate career, including his own Sova Steel, which provided the steel manufacturing and construction services for several iconic Detroit buildings, including Ford Field and Comerica Park. Sova is also the leader of National Envelope Specialists, Inc., a business-to-business supply company specializing in customized printing and envelope manufacturing.

Alex M. Sova and Exergy Solutions have built impressive new renewable energy applications since 2012. One such technology involves focusing sunlight on a turbine to get it to turn and create electricity. Exergy Solutions is also working on ways to use geothermal energy as a renewable source in several creative ways. Alex M. Sova has a vision for renewable energy that he believes can help the planet and the people living on it. Sova’s companies all go back to his sense of civic duty and his expertise as a businessman to give his community the services and products they need to lead easier, more sustainable, and happier lives.

Alex M. Sova has many years of experience helping companies realize profits while helping others in their communities. Exergy Solutions was set up with that in mind. Sova uses his business skill and experience to help his community in the greater Detroit area. As a native of Waterford, Michigan in the area, he works to help his community have greater economic opportunity.