Alex M. Sova – Three Keys to Owning Your Own Business

Alex M. Sova is an experienced and successful business owner based in Southfield, Michigan. He founded his first company, Sova Steel, in 1991, and the business grew into a large national player with over 80 million dollars in value. Sova bought National Envelope Specialists, Inc. in 2003, which has grown into a national power for envelope manufacturing and distribution. Sova built his businesses without the benefit of a formal college education, but he has three tips for all entrepreneurs who want to be successful:

1.Start with a business plan. Although Alex M. Sova didn’t make a million practice business plans like many business management and administration students do, he recognized the importance of having a plan to start a business. These plans answer crucial questions about where funding will come from, how it will be used for advertising and administration, and how the company plans to grow; it also shows investors that you are ready to start your own successful business.

2.Start marketing from day one. Alex M. Sova knows that you don’t need a marketing company to begin mapping out your marketing plan. In fact, the more you know about your target audience and how to reach them, the better any marketing company can do to help your advertising efforts.

3.Funding never stops. Especially for small businesses, getting new infusions of funding is a never-ending task. Make sure you have more than enough to continue operations and sock some investments and profits away for an expansion plan in the future.

Alex M. Sova lives and works in Southfield, Michigan.