Alex M. Sova – New Technology with Exergy Solutions

Alex M. Sova founded Exergy Solutions in 2012 with the goal of creating new renewable energy technology. Over the years, Exergy Solutions has opened a facility in Aspen, Colorado after starting near Sova’s hometown, in Southfield, Michigan. Sova has led several companies in his long corporate career, including his own Sova Steel, which provided the steel manufacturing and construction services for several iconic Detroit buildings, including Ford Field and Comerica Park. Sova is also the leader of National Envelope Specialists, Inc., a business-to-business supply company specializing in customized printing and envelope manufacturing.

Alex M. Sova and Exergy Solutions have built impressive new renewable energy applications since 2012. One such technology involves focusing sunlight on a turbine to get it to turn and create electricity. Exergy Solutions is also working on ways to use geothermal energy as a renewable source in several creative ways. Alex M. Sova has a vision for renewable energy that he believes can help the planet and the people living on it. Sova’s companies all go back to his sense of civic duty and his expertise as a businessman to give his community the services and products they need to lead easier, more sustainable, and happier lives.

Alex M. Sova has many years of experience helping companies realize profits while helping others in their communities. Exergy Solutions was set up with that in mind. Sova uses his business skill and experience to help his community in the greater Detroit area. As a native of Waterford, Michigan in the area, he works to help his community have greater economic opportunity.



Alex M. Sova – Helping Businesses with Nationwide Envelope Specialists

Alex M. Sova worked hard to build his businesses over the years with help from partners and other businesses supplying whatever he needed. He started his first business, Sova Steel, in 1991, and the company grew into an $80 million enterprise. He purchased Nationwide Envelope Specialists, Inc. in 2003 and helped build it into a trusted nationwide name in business stationery, printing, and envelope supply services. Nationwide continues to help companies around the United States brand themselves, advertise, and create a consistent identity for themselves.

Alex M. Sova wanted Nationwide Envelope Specialists to help companies throughout the US get the basic office supplies and customized materials they need to survive. Alex M. Sova created new opportunities for the company to grow and increase its reach to more businesses of all different industries and sizes. Nationwide uses stock imprint programs and systems, a custom, easy-to-use B2B online ordering system, and excellent customer service representatives to help businesses get the supplies they need for their everyday operations. Sova worked hard to make Nationwide create a brand for itself based on trust, efficiency, accuracy, and quality. Nationwide has seen excellent success since Sova took over as its business leader due to the efforts of Sova, his advisory team, and the people working to make Nationwide the best in business supplies in the country.

Alex M. Sova also founded another company, Exergy Solutions, in 2012. Exergy Solutions is a geothermal company based in Aspen, Colorado and Southfield, Michigan. Sova wanted to add another business to his native community in the Detroit area.


Alex M. Sova – Contributing to the Local Boys and Girls Club

Alex M. Sova is a dedicated community outreach supporter who has helped organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of Southfield, Michigan, where Sova set up his company, Sova Steel back in 1991. Sova has moved out of Southfield proper, but still remains a force for good in the community. Sova grew up in nearby Waterford, Michigan and continues to provide community outreach. Sova is particularly proud of his contributions to the Boys and Girls Club of Southfield because of the many exquisite and practical programs that the local chapter provides to the youth of Southfield.

Alex M. Sova is a proud supporter of the Southfield Boys and Girls Club, which provides a safe place to hang out for teens and other youth in the area and programs designed to help kids improve their education, leadership, and character. One program the local Boys and Girls Club provides to the youth of Southfield is the Torch Club, a small group leadership organization for boys and girls aged 11 to 13. The club elects officers and works together to create and implement activities in four main areas: health and fitness, education, social recreation, and service to club and community. Alex M. Sova hopes that the participants in these programs can develop the leadership skills they’ll need to one day contribute to the business community of which he is a part.

Alex M. Sova now owns National Envelope Specialists, a national supplier and manufacturer of envelopes and other products. Sova is a prime example of a community benefactor.

Alex M. Sova – Three Keys to Owning Your Own Business

Alex M. Sova is an experienced and successful business owner based in Southfield, Michigan. He founded his first company, Sova Steel, in 1991, and the business grew into a large national player with over 80 million dollars in value. Sova bought National Envelope Specialists, Inc. in 2003, which has grown into a national power for envelope manufacturing and distribution. Sova built his businesses without the benefit of a formal college education, but he has three tips for all entrepreneurs who want to be successful:

1.Start with a business plan. Although Alex M. Sova didn’t make a million practice business plans like many business management and administration students do, he recognized the importance of having a plan to start a business. These plans answer crucial questions about where funding will come from, how it will be used for advertising and administration, and how the company plans to grow; it also shows investors that you are ready to start your own successful business.

2.Start marketing from day one. Alex M. Sova knows that you don’t need a marketing company to begin mapping out your marketing plan. In fact, the more you know about your target audience and how to reach them, the better any marketing company can do to help your advertising efforts.

3.Funding never stops. Especially for small businesses, getting new infusions of funding is a never-ending task. Make sure you have more than enough to continue operations and sock some investments and profits away for an expansion plan in the future.

Alex M. Sova lives and works in Southfield, Michigan.